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“Woodbridge aims to inculcate life skills and cultural
values with the modern educational curriculum to develop
responsible Global Citizens with sharp brains and soft hearts.”


Bridging The Distance Between Knowledge & Mankind

Woodbridge is a team of highly enthusiastic book-lovers who has dedicated their lives to inculcate the desire to gain knowledge in the young minds. The first few years of schooling are the building blocks to make the future leaders of the world, hence the Team Woodbridge aims to welcome the children into the world of books and knowledge with Pleasure and not Pressure. 100% efforts are put into each book to make it engaging and interactive. Team Woodbridge believes that books were created to Learn and not for mere memorisation.


 Why us?



Now,that’s a fair question!

There are thousands of publishers in the market with Iakhs of books. Each book offering its unique contents and values. Some teaching the modern techniques, the others giving the methods of scoring high, while the rest focuses on competing with the world. Now, these are the three things that is considered to be the essential needs for success in today’s world. It is the amalgamation of these and balancing it with the true value of living and inner growth that makes Woodbridge stand out. The range of books we offer makes learning fun and interactive. Our books are designed not only for learning but also filled with activities which develops the brains of the

Young Geniuses.


 Team Woodbridge



Mr Manzoor Hussain Pervez

A man of less talk and more works, Mr Pervez is a MBA in Finance, a graduate in Hotel Management and an Islamic finance scholar. His love for solitary and his charming personality makes him a Leader in true sense. With dynamic management skills and his idée fixe to bring in a positive change in the Indian mind-set led him into the education field and what better than publishing adroit books for the young minds? With an involvement of around a decade in this business, Mr Pervez is a proficient educationalist. He is also an active researcher in the process of elevating the life skills in the way of living of the young adolescents. A reticent perfectionist by nature with a heart of a child, he is a traveller by will and a big time foodie by choice. Woodbridge is not only his dream project but also his Brain-child.

Mr Mohammed Mazer

With a placid personality and infectious charisma Mr Mazer is an Engineer in Electronics and the strategic head of WBF. He is astute yet humble. Travelling to serene destinations and solitary long drives refuels Mr Mazer’s soul. He has dedicated the past half a decade of his life and career to the research and development of children’s books. He has an intense desire to simplify education and to cater education of global standards to the remotest areas of the country. A selfless heart, a virtuous soul and an idealistic brain – Mr Mazer is of extraordinary stature.

Tania Haque

A graduate in Microbiology and Airport Operations from Osmania University and Hyderabad University respectively, Ms Haque is veritably an ardent learner. To effectuate her love for English language, she has had formal learning from Cambridge University through The British Council. She is a self-proclaimed Book-Worm. She had been an active social worker from a very tender age and has worked with major NGOs for the betterment of the society. Her zealous personality and ever-happy spirit reflects her cordial soul. This Amateur cook and adventure-addict is also a passionate writer. Her immeasurable love for books has encouraged her to quit her job as Ground Officer and embark on a journey of Learning- Forever. For Ms Haque, Woodbridge accomplishes her dream, to serve the Nation by educating the young minds and to cherish her eternal love for books.




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